Print Information

Canvas Gallery Wraps

Owning a canvas gallery wrap can be like owning a painting. Canvas is a great way to display your print. It has a unique fiber texture that is acid-free and pH neutral. Every canvas print is laminated with Art-shield to protect from scratches and UV damage to lengthen print permanence. Choosing canvas as your medium also means you don't have to worry about additional framing because the frame is apart of the print. The frame is made with quality Canadian bass wood, the finest available.

Note: The sides of the canvas are mirrored to create a visual image-wrap. Canvas prints that are smaller than 20x30 inches will have a thin wrap of 0.75 inches. Any print larger will have a thicker wrap of 2.5 inches thick.

Paper Prints

Matte paper is another excellent way to display your print of choice. The matte finish helps hold details in the dark areas of the photograph and also reduces glare when viewing the image at an angle. When a print is properly framed behind glass, it can have a life span up to 300 years or more. I currently do not offer any framing or matting option as of now, all you'll receive is the print. However, if your looking for a special piece, I can make an arrangement with the local framer. In any case you want a custom boarder around the image or custom size to do your own framing, just contact me through the link above and I'll work it out for you.

Warranty & Disputes

If your order arrives damaged in anyway, your image will be re-printed and shipped to you. The damaged print must be shipped back to qualify for a re-print. The costs of shipping the print back are part of the warranty so you will not be charged. In the event that a ruined print is revealed at delivery, simply contact me through the site in the link above.